Team Render Notifier

Notifies you about specific events in a Team Render Server.



  • Create Job
  • Start Job
  • Render Job
  • Assemble Job
  • Finish Job
  • Machine Loss


  • Atom Feed Notifier
    A notifier for RSS Plugins (e.g. in a browser)
  • Copy Notifier
    Can upload the project files and/or the results to a FTP or copy it to another location using the standard copy functions of your operating system.
  • IRC Chat Notifier
    Custom and experimental IRC client which reports special events to an IRC chat.
  • macOS Notifier
  • Mail Notifier

  • MySQL Notifier
  • Python Notifier
  • SMS Notifier
  • Twitter Notifier
  • URL Notifier

Installation instructions

1. Unzip the file and copy the files to the plugins directory
2. (Re)start Team Render Server
3. Open File->Plugins->Notifier


Download (1.5 MiB)


Unzip the downloaded archive to Cinema 4D’s default plugin folder.


Provide your bug reports, test scenes or ideas by writing an email to labs-at-maxon-dot-net

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  1. Does this work with r20? I haven’t been able to get it to work. I’m trying to Copy a file, and email.

  2. Hello & thanks for the PlugIn!
    Since the Mailer doesn’t work in my case, I wrote a Python mailing script that does.
    I now would like to integrate job name and status. Is that possible?

  3. All of the screenshots appear to be Mac-based. Does this work on a Windows box running TRS? We’ve dropped in the plugin and it appears, but when attempting to use it returns a bunch of errors each time.

  4. This Notifier will be very useful! Thanks! I have the Email Notifier working. For the SMS Notifier, what is suppose to be entered in the To and From fields? Will I be able to use the SMS Notifier without incurring any charges from Twilio? Thanks!

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