Team Render Notifier

Notifies you about specific events in a Team Render Server.



  • Create Job
  • Start Job
  • Render Job
  • Assemble Job
  • Finish Job
  • Machine Loss


  • Atom Feed Notifier
    A notifier for RSS Plugins (e.g. in a browser)
  • Copy Notifier
    Can upload the project files and/or the results to a FTP or copy it to another location using the standard copy functions of your operating system.
  • IRC Chat Notifier
    Custom and experimental IRC client which reports special events to an IRC chat.
  • macOS Notifier
  • Mail Notifier

  • MySQL Notifier
  • Python Notifier
  • SMS Notifier
  • Twitter Notifier
  • URL Notifier

Installation instructions

1. Unzip the file and copy the files to the plugins directory
2. (Re)start Team Render Server
3. Open File->Plugins->Notifier (1.5 MiB)

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  1. Would love to see this for regular picture viewer renders, Server is nice for long animations, but otherwise picture viewer is handy for single frames (who can be long to render as well, and I’ve had to rely on fan noise for years to identify if a render was finished.

  2. OK, now it appears to be properly installed. Even so I do not see it too intuitive. Anyway thank you very much.

  3. This Notifier will be very useful! Thanks! I have the Email Notifier working. For the SMS Notifier, what is suppose to be entered in the To and From fields? Will I be able to use the SMS Notifier without incurring any charges from Twilio? Thanks!

    • Thanks for your feedback! The SMS notifier needs an account at Twilio but it is easy to create. A single text message costs around 0.0075$ and with ~20$ you should be covered for some weeks :-). There is also a demo account available.

      • Thanks for the response, Sebastian! That’s cheap!

        What is suppose to be entered in the To and From fields?

      • From is the number you get from your Twilio Account. Check you settings or their FAQ. To is the number of the receiver. In the demo account this is limited to the phone number which was used to create the account.

    • I added a brief installation instruction. Please let us know, if you still experience problems. Thanks!

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