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Ease of use and stability are key qualities of Cinema 4D. To achieve this, we invest extra efforts to thoroughly design and test anything we produce. Our engineers often develop ideas that stay on the shelf until we decide to bring a prototype to completion. Through MAXON Labs, this innovation can reach you faster.

All content provided on the labs is developed by MAXON, is free and provided as is. We make no promises to maintain the projects and they may be pulled out of the site at any time.

NOTICE – MAXON Labs plugins are moving to Cineversity and we invite you to visit their new house to look for contents and versions updates.  



This script generates random nested extrusions, creating a “greebled” look on any mesh. The generated polygons are constructed entirely by the Python code. Check it out on Cineversity User Data Parameters Seed Change the seed value to generate a new… Continue Reading


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C.O.F.F.E.E. Filter

Introduction With Cinema 4D R20, C.O.F.F.E.E. scripting language has been removed. The C.O.F.F.E.E. Filter plugin is supposed to help locate scenes, which are making use of C.O.F.F.E.E. in any way, and furthermore to provide easy access to the involved C.O.F.F.E.E.… Continue Reading


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Py-ParametricTools is a very simple approach to parametric modeling. Based on an idea of my friend Noseman, Py-ParametricTools basically consist of a bunch of generator and modifier objects for a number of commonly used modeling tools. Nothing fancy and easily… Continue Reading


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The Solidify functionality provides the user with a simple method for adding thickness to a surface. It does so by automating the usual process of using the Extrude tool on all the polygons of an object, while also fixing some… Continue Reading


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Lattice Plane

The Lattice Plane is a powerful yet easy-to-use deformer inspired by the FFD Deformer to arbitrarily reshape an object by influencing the generator’s control points located on a 2D cage. Whilst traditional FFD deformation (Wikipedia) is usually delivered starting from… Continue Reading


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Coons Mesh

The Coons Mesh generator provides the user with a simple yet effective tool to enable free-form mesh development by defining the four side-curves enclosing a region in space. Usually found in CAD software, Coons Mesh is based on the Coons… Continue Reading


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glTF Export

Last updated May 22nd, 2020 Important message regarding the LABS plugin and S22 Hello everyone, As you probably already know by now, the glTF Exporter went through several improvements and got itself an honourable integrated spot in Cinema 4D S22.… Continue Reading


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Scene Updater

With Cinema 4D R20 the ability to load scenes, that got saved with Cinema 4D versions older than R12, has been removed. The plugin described herein is supposed to help users locate such scenes and, when running in a version… Continue Reading


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Team Render HTTPS

This Python Plugin enables HTTPS Support for the Team Render Webserver. Please rate this Rate this Download


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Team Render Notifier

A plug-in that notifies you when a team render job is done. It can notify via many channels, including your mobile phone, email, social media such as twitter, etc. This ensures that you know when your render job is finished, no matter where you are. Continue Reading


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