This script generates random nested extrusions, creating a “greebled” look on any mesh. The generated polygons are constructed entirely by the Python code.


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User Data Parameters


Change the seed value to generate a new variation.

Max. Levels

The number of times the extrusions are nested.


The distance that the extrusions are extruded by.

Outer Spacing

The amount that the extrusions are pushed in at their sides.

Inner Spacing

The amount by which the extrusions are ‘pinched’. If this is at 100% then pyramids are generated.

Inner Movement

The amount of random offset within the base polygon that each extrusion has.


  Extrudifier_1.0.1.zip (143.4 KiB)


Unzip the downloaded archive to Cinema 4D’s default plugin folder.


Provide your bug reports, test scenes or ideas by writing an email to labs-at-maxon-dot-net

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  1. Why oh why are these ‘tutorials’ not beeing updated???
    IT DOES NOT WORK! Period!
    The only thing you can do is to merge Extrudifier.c4d within your existing project BUT THAT IS NOT A PLUGIN WAY TO DO IT so do not call it a plugin.
    Since version R20, Cinema4D is not my preferred tool anymore …

    • Odd rant bro! It is not a plugin. you just replace the object in the main null.
      i hope this helps.

  2. Really nice Plug-in. Thank you Edd Biddulph for creating this amazing script.

  3. This thing is just amazing… I’m planning to do some crazy stuff at work with it!!

  4. This is awesome, real time-saver for sure. Can create all kinds of neat “sci-fi” panels. Thank you!

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